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Postcard from Edinburgh: Forsyth’s Tea Room

Forsyth's Tea Room in Edinburgh. Hilary Nangle photo

While gadding about Great Britain by rail (especially easy with a BritRail pass), I stumbled into this delightful tea room, while exploring Chalmers Close, one of the many inviting alleys that radiate off the Royal Mile. The entire shop looked like a Hollywood set, and Christine, the proprietor, was right out of central casting. I ordered, then took a seat and checked out the surroundings: stone walls, tablecloths, tea cozies and tea towels and mugs for decor; equally cozy and comforting. I settled for a Scotch pie, a meat-filled, seasoned pastry , tea, and, of course, shortbread.

Menu at Forsyth's Tea Room, Edinburgh. Hilary Nangle photo

IMG_3444Scottish Oaties. Hilary Nangle photo

The lovely Christina, queen of Forsyth's Tea House, Edinburgh. Hilary Nangle photo

Love the crocheted covers. Hilary Nangle photo

Other possibilities...don't miss the Scotch Pie. Hilary nangle photoScotch Pie. Hilary Nangle photo

A warm glow lights the path to Forsyth's Tea Shop, Edinburgh. Hilary Nangle photo

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