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Edinburgh’s Writers’ Museum chronicles Scotland’s literary giants

Detour off The Royal Mile down Lady Stair’s Close, one of Edinburgh’s medieval pedestrian alleys, and step into Scotland’s literary heritage. The Writers’ Museum, housed in the early 17th-century Lady Stair’s House, immerses visitors in the lives of Robert Burns (1759-1796), Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832), and Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894). In addition to manuscripts, original … Continue reading

London’s Courtauld Gallery is a treasure within a treasure
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London’s Courtauld Gallery is a treasure within a treasure

I was more than content to admire masterpiece after masterpiece displayed in The Courtauld Gallery, a small, university museum on London’s Museum Mile. Then, cued by the upward gaze of another visitor, I glanced—then gawked—at the lavishly augmented and painted ceiling. The Courtauld Gallery is housed in Somerset House, designed by Sir William Chambers, built … Continue reading